Elevate-Train your brain and Make it best

Elevate is a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills.

In May 2014, Elevate was launched. Elevate is a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills. It promises to strengthen your brain through daily games on your smartphone. The app was selected as Apple’s top app of the year. It has been downloaded more than 15 million times on the App Store and Google Play.

Because people struggle with and build games, So Michael Levy, Elevate Director of content, said that their team has worked with the heads of university writing centers, behavioral scientists and cognitive psychologists to sovle this problem. Now there are 40+ games that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence in skills like math, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.Why we should use Elevate? Elevate Labs made a research in order to test the effectiveness of Elevate as a cognitive training app. Finally the reseach shows that Elevate users improved 69% more than non-users, and the more you train, the more you benefit.

In order to improve your communication and analytical skills. There are some content to you. Hope you can be happy.

When you first log in the app and create an account, you can choose the skills you want to improve.When you are training, Elevate will gives you tasks to complete everyday that help you improve those skills. Also, The app will adjust to your skills. Beyond that, You can measure your performance across skill groups to compare with others. Elevate can help you improve 14 different skills which are comprehension, processing, focus, visualization, syntax, context, refinement, brevity, error avoidance, precision, memory, agility, inversion and connotation.

You can also use pro of Elevate. Because you can access 17 exclusive games and have more train everyday. Beside this, you can train whenever you want.

Are you content with Elevate, come on.

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